In our luggage from the last five years as DJ's one will not only find 17 original (and worn-out) mixtapes but also memories of blood, swear and tears (of joy of course). Looking back, the journey and all the hours in the studio have had unpleasant consequences such as neglected friendships and lost relationships. The official release of the remix of Di Martinelli's "You Could Be My Lover" feauring Sophie Galpin (known from i.e. Figure of 8 and The Magician) is the very first result of all these hours spent in the studio.
Our first "meeting" with this track was in November 2013. It was definitely love at first sight (or sound). We were visiting the Icelandic band Kúra's studio and their producer Brynjar Bjarnfoss had been asked to make a remix of the track. Due to our love for Sophie's vocal we somehow managed to convince Brynjar, Kúra and Di Martinelli that this had to be a Borneland Remix instead of a Brynjar remix.

The remix will be released in cooperation with the Belgian Clare Records, who also offered us a contract - would you say no to such an opportunity? We could not (Actually we were thrilled - this was a dream coming true)! This means that we have been working day and night ever since, and will release our very first EP on the 27th of March 2014. Just to give you a little teaser: this EP will not only feature three of our favourite vocalists but will also include remixes from some of our friends.

Anyway, we hope you will enjoy the remix of "You Could Be My Lover", which is available on iTunes and on Beatport today!