Like shadows we are constantly moving. We started, like any other with a homestudio in a shared apartment. And from then we have been placed in all from a dirty backyard into a nightclub in the meatpacking district, had a whole floor in a hostel in the centrum of the city, and last from a storeroom in a larger juice chain to the legend Dj Alligators old studio. But now vi had again moved to a new studio just a few meters from our home. However, a drawback of this quest; the sound are never the same no matter where you are – you know it from yourself, when you hear your favorite track on your headphones or at a nightclub with a large soundsystem, it sounds different and you may notice some new details of the track.

With this mixtape we have set the goal (perhaps in the lack of time) to make this mixtape at different places and speakers; for example, parts are recorded during a DJ set at a nightclub, some in the studio and another parts on headphones during travel on a train. All in mind that you may also listen to this mixtape during a trip.

  1. 00:00 – Debonair – Find The Ocean
  2. 05:56 – Wild & Free – River of Nile
  3. 10:59 – D-Pulse – Seen Today (Ron Basejam remix)
  4. 17:15 – Scavenger Hunt – Kiss Me Clean (Satin Jackets Remix)
  5. 22:56 – Yates – Virtue (Plastic Plates Remix)
  6. 27:49 – Benoit & Sergio – Dancing Shoes
  7. 36:34 – Marcus Marr & Chet Faker – Birthday Card
  8. 43:56 – Zimmer – Escape ft. Emilie Adams
  9. 47:48 – Moullinex – Can't Stop (Miami Horror Remix)
  10. 51:53 – Boris Dlugosch – Keep Pushin (Purple Disco Maschine Vox Mix)