This month is all about tracks that fascinates us! The fascination is due to a vocal, a synthesizer or maybe just a funky edge in the beat. If you think carefully, you may recognise a pattern from the things you like the most: a small break or pause from what you adore, will make your fascination and need even more outstanding. This applies to tracks - a reply is great, but if you leave the track for a couple of hours and then return again, you will probably like it even more. Another example is related to the one(s) you love: when you have not seen the person for some time (and this may be even a few hours - at least for some of us), seeing the person again will awake happiness and make fireworks explode inside your mind and body.

In tracks the same thing happens, usually before the last chorus hits there is a break. A break where everything in the track changes, and the feeling strikes; the feeling of being a teenager hopelessly in love or a junkie just waiting for the next fix. Now don’t you worry, because when the break is over, you will be hit again - and maybe even harder than the first time - we promise!

  1. 00:00 – KissesThe Nile
  2. 04:38 – CleopoldScarlet
  3. 08:22 – Sam SparroOn My Mind
  4. 12:13 – X AmbassadorsRenegades (The Knocks Remix)
  5. 15:09 – EqualShakedown ft. Seja
  6. 18:25 – ZimmerGalapagos (Original Mix)
  7. 22:10 – Jordan CoreyFloat (BLAIR Remix)
  8. 26:44 – Sam SparroHands Up (Fare Soldi Remix)
  9. 29:55 – Marcus Marr & Chet FakerThe Trouble with Us
  10. 33:29 – Louis La RocheYou & Me
  11. 37:11 – Sam PadrulWhy Do I Do ft. Jason Gaffner (Bolivard Remix)
  12. 40:31 – GoldroomWaiting to Ignite
  13. 44:30 – The SixDon't Go Running (XY Constant Remix)
  14. 47:48 – ChordashianAll I Need ft. Beth Aggett
  15. 51:51 – Tame ImpalaLet It Happen (Soulwax Remix)