This mix of the month is somehow epic. Our monthly mixtape has passed the golden three-year anniversary! We think it’s time to reflect before it hits the 40th. Number 39 symbolises pitfalls according to Chinese Numerology. The worst pitfall for us would be to stay in our comfort zone and not develop. But don’t you dare thinking that we been that lazy - our style has evolved significantly over the years; we started off being into deep house and simple nu-disco tracks; between us (and without offending anyone), those genres were easy to mix back in the days – especially by beginners like us – and going back, we do admit that the mix was coloured by this criterion once in a while. As time went by and we developed our skills it’s now the complete opposite; we love tracks with a unique start that catches the attention from the beginning. Moving further away from deep house, we are now into the more soulful-pop universe - but still with a penchant for all the nu-disco references – just as the one Patawawa have in their new single.

A pitfall we keep our focus on with these new tracks (and actually spend a lot of time on), is that they are rarely “mix-friendly” and quite difficult to fit into a mixtape - especially when you don't want to ruin the cool and almost Daft Punk “kind-off” start that Jarreau Vandal have added in his remix of Digital Farm Animals. And what if the track doesn’t have a beat from the beginning but only a vocal like SG Lewis? Our creative minds are challenged in so many ways with these tracks, however, that’s part of what makes us grow further.  Anyway, we have done our best, all for you!

  1. 00:00 – Woolfy vs. ProjectionsSet it up
  2. 05:30 – Cameo CultureTold You So
  3. 10:30 – SG LewisShivers (HONNE Remix)
  4. 14:45 – Digital Farm AnimalsTrue (Jarreau Vandal's "Truth Serum" Remix)
  5. 18:27 – Alina Baraz & GalimatiasMake You Feel (Hotel Garuda Remix)
  6. 21:52 – CrayonWhat I Do (Original Mix)
  7. 25:17 – Private AgendaParalysed (Original Mix)
  8. 30:13 – SemmaCut The Rope
  9. 33:50 – PatawawaRed And White
  10. 36:58 – EscortBody Talk (Escort Dub)
  11. 43:03 – SapeleTestify
  12. 46:55 – ChordashianBye Bye
  13. 50:23 – Ben MacklinThink Of Me ft. Emma Brammer (Le Flex Remix)
  14. 53:57 – NVOYAll Night (Extended Edit)
  15. 58:39 – AeroplaneDancing With Each Other (Original Mix)