Focus these days is on livesets, or actually, that has been our focus for the last months - and we really feel we are progressing. One thing we've learned is that our Prophet has 256 sounds, and if you want to save a new one, another one must go. Learned it the hard way, when during a liveset our beloved 'bug-a-boo' note by accident was overwritten. At the beginning we panicked - this sound we had been working on for so long - but there was only one thing to do: recreate it. What we experienced was that we liked the 'new Bug a Boo' sound even more than the original. Every artist knows this. Every creative person. Every student writing an assignment. Every cook baking a bread. Every employee struggling to solve a problem… Sometimes – you just gotta start all over - though panic may hit you, but you know that in most cases the final outcome is even better than the initial one.

  1. 00:00 – Crayon & Jordan LeeOn & On
  2. 03:26 – FKJDrops ft. Tom Bailey
  3. 07:22 – Omatu FulaniMy Love (Plage 84 Remix)
  4. 11:12 – GallantWeight in Gold (LBCK Remix)
  5. 15:42 – SG LewisNo Less (Kartell Remix)
  6. 19:43 – Moon BootsUtopia (Radio Edit)
  7. 22:50 – Miami HorrorCellophane (So Cruel) ft. Aaron Miller & Gavin Turek
  8. 27:15 – JungleTime (Darius Remix)
  9. 31:34 – Jax JonesYeah Yeah Yeah (Roosevelt Remix)
  10. 38:05 – The AlexandersLoving You
  11. 42:37 – Kraver & NSFWDorsia
  12. 47:17 – POOLSPower Questing (Superprince remix)
  13. 52:45 – Matthew KomaSo Fuckin Romantic (The Knocks Remix)
  14. 57:44 – GallantWeight In Gold (Donatachi Remix)