Recently, we have caught ourselves spending quite some time bleaching the keys on our synthesizers. The colour had faded and they were no longer white and shiny. During the process, we realised that the obsession did not have any meaning - the cost of bleaching were clearly higher than the benefits we may receive from it. Now that may seem like an odd conclusion, but there are several things behind our decision. First, it is almost always dark when we play, so nevertheless, there is no pleasure for the eye. Second (and most important), the colour of the keys has nothing to do with the sounds from the synthesizer - only the person behind the keyboard can control this.

The chemical vapors also made us think about the fact, that the music we select in our mixtapes, is not influenced by visual experiences; if the artist is a white boy named Tyler Touché from Australia or a black women named Crystal Waters from Philadelphia, Satin Jackets the duo or a soloist like Shura - it is the listening experience from the speakers that really matters.

  1. 00:00 – PatawawaBack To Life (LBCK Remix)
  2. 03:51 – MoullinexTake A Chance (Satin Jackets Remix)
  3. 09:31 – ShuraWhite Light (Radio Edit)
  4. 13:23 – Tyler ToucheAct Of God (Robotaki Remix)
  5. 17:35 – Gold FieldsMake Me Feel
  6. 22:13 – ZimmerEscape ft. Emilie Adams
  7. 26:05 – TouristHolding On (Joe Hertz Remix)
  8. 28:12 – Julio BashmoreHolding On ft. Sam Dew (Original Mix)
  9. 32:22 – TJH87Lost Into The Night ft. Guy Brown (Cats Hero Remix)
  10. 36:21 – Para One & The South African Youth ChoirElevation
  11. 38:42 – TobtokShelter ft. Alex Mils
  12. 43:08 – Phillip GeorgeWish You Were Mine (Fabich & Jetique Remix)
  13. 44:44 – Crystal WatersGypsy Woman (Allure Remix)
  14. 48:21 – BillonSlave to the Vibe (Original Mix)
  15. 52:32 – KayperTerminal ft. Janai (Original Mix)
  16. 56:50 – We Are LegendsIn Too Deep (Arthur Younger Remix)