Baldersvej 33 has a special place in our hearts. This is the home of our childhood. This house could accommodate everything and with our parents clearing obstacles on our way, there should be no doubt that this house is close to our hearts (funny, how you realise these things as the years go by). Our father was constantly renovating the house; improving and optimising current solutions, developing new solutions following our needs – room for big parties, space for our instruments, cages for our rabbits and a hen house, room for football in the garden and a workshop where the sky was the limit. If anything was missing, or we for a short moment had a special need, we only had to say it out loud once, and he would make sure that our dreams would come true. Our mother ensured that the setting was always perfect, and prepared us for every adventure: planning and organising, ensuring our “uniform” was clean and filling the fridge – no excuses for not being completely energised and ready to explore the world and its peculiarities. While balancing the pots, pans, waking us up in the morning, our mother taught us a lot of what we know about practical things, economics, finance, psychology, how to behave and the importance of courage and humility. Our childhood home was the centre of possibilities and at the same time, centre of comfort and safety. A childhood at Baldersvej 33 with mum and dad as the perfect role models in every way – mixing technical ingenuity with creativity and perspective.


This mixtape holds all of the features from our childhood; the tracks are all picked with focus on the technical production, the harmony of the sounds, the smoothness of the shifts in sounds and the creativity embedded in the tunes – all tracks you just cannot get enough of – no matter if you’re playing football in the garden, swinging the saucepan in the kitchen or dancing your way through the weekend.

  1. 00:00 – Dan LissvikAirwalk (Original Mix)
  2. 07:14 – Cajoline & Le FlexHold You (Prizm remix)
  3. 10:11 – CyclistHeartbeat Speed ft. Jocelyn Alice
  4. 14:18 – LANYBad, Bad, Bad (Matt DiMona Remix)
  5. 16:54 – Jean ToniqueGuest (feat. Iris)
  6. 20:21 – FioriousDanceteria (Original Mix)
  7. 24:45 – Secaina HudsonI Ain't With You (Soul Clap Remix)
  8. 31:07 – LoframesGet Real (Can't Touch Your Love) (Original Mix)
  9. 34:45 – Pat LokAll In My Head ft. Desiree Dawson (Cyclist Remix)
  10. 38:18 – Just KiddinAlways There
  11. 42:44 – Me & My ToothbrushOn the Wall (Original Mix)
  12. 48:09 – The RootsBreak U Off (Dino Soccio ReWork)
  13. 52:45 – Full Crate x MarHer Window (Extended Version)
  14. 56:18 – Lindstrom & Grace HallHome Tonight (DJ Edit)