It may seem like a cliché, but we want to dedicate 2014 to this mixtape. 365 days have passed - another year in the story of Borneland (and the rest of the world for that matter) … Usually we are very strict on the deadline and distribution of our mix tapes: ALWAYS released the first day in the month, however, this month we will make an exception and distribute the last day of the year.

Through the past 365 days we have played over 174 gigs - approximately 488 hours. If you have a hard time relating to this, imagine 20 days and nights in our company, playing, spinning and enjoying the magic of music non-stop. Most of our jobs have been in clubs, 105 of them, to be exact - and the remaining 69 was equally split between festivals around the world and arrangements for companies. Looking back, 2014 has brought us experiences we only had hoped for - starting out be the release of our remix of Destiny’s child’s ‘Bug a Boo’ in January. Some of our other experiences are reflected in our mixtape’s;starting out by the release of our collaboration with Martinelli and Sophie Galphin on a remix of ‘You Could Be My Lover’ in January; the media covering our mix of Destiny’s Child’s ‘Bug a Boo’ in February; our love to for vocals in March; a reminder of youth and dreams in April; the key to our new studio in the centre of Copenhagen in May; a hymn to nature and dandelions in June; the celebration of Roskilde Festival in July; summer and festivals coming to an end in August; the ultimate hits in September; a little reflection on life and how the pieces fit perfectly together at the end in October and finishing November off by reminding ourselves (and you) of the muscles in your body.

We could keep on telling stories on the year 2014, because the list above is only a small part of the adventures of Borneland 2014. Now, we are looking into the year 2015 … and what to expect, hope for, dream of? The beauty of life is that you never know what will happen tomorrow or the day after for that matter.
Finishing off, we are celebrating the year 2014 by combining the best songs from this years mix tapes into one all time greatest 2014 hits. We hope you will have a blast at New Years Eve, and that you will enjoy this mixtape not only for nostalgic ’14 throwbacks, but also for new ’15 adventures.

  1. 00:00 – Andrea Balency – YNBA (Glitter Boys Remix)
  2. 03:29 – Hayden James – Something About You
  3. 06:34 – Sam Feldt & Kav Verhouzer – Hot Skin (Original Mix)
  4. 09:49 – Jerry Folk – So Long ft. BB Diamond (Original Mix)
  5. 13:00 – Just Kiddin – Thinkin About It (Fabich & Ferdinand Weber Remix)
  6. 17:16 – Sons Of Maria – With You (Me & My Toothbrush Remix)
  7. 22:04 – XO – Pulling Me Under ft. Leo Kalyan
  8. 25:10 – Lana Del Rey – Brooklyn Baby (Juan Maclean Remix)
  9. 30:01 – Asadinho – Crystal Clear ft Natamiq (Original Mix)
  10. 36:26 – Wunder Wunder – Midnight Hours (DWYR Remix)
  11. 41:03 – Secondcity – What Can I Do (Set Mo Remix)
  12. 46:26 – Mediate – Everytime (Original Mix)
  13. 50:12 – Poupon – Fall Back ft Sam Moffatt (Original Mix)
  14. 54:54 – Plastic Plates – Feel The Fire