The year is coming to an end. December, Christmas, New Years - it all makes the world a little bit more busy for just about 23 days and then it all stops… For three days everything closes down - the calmness takes over, Barry White reminds of us of a childhood with white christmas and Chris Rea accompanies us on our way home, and for a moment the past weeks of buying presents, endless hours of waiting, stressed out mothers and fathers buying underwear in the last minute, all fade away… Christmas is always a very busy time for us. The danish tradition of christmas lunch fills up our calendar; companies start requesting before summer and suddenly or calendar is packed with one christmas lunch after the other. It is a very special time, but especially this year has made us think about how we spend our time and which jobs we accept. Time is money, as they say - and this certainly is true, but how do you choose between time and money?
You need money to pay your bills, get food on the table and buy christmas presents - but you also need time… Time with your friends.. Time with your family… Time with the ones you really care about. You have probably done the same thing as we do sometimes; doing things for money because that seems to be “the right thing to do”. But at the end, you cannot really buy time for money, so how do you prioritise?

This year is special to us. Something big has happened - something that has not only changed our lives, but also the way we look at things. This year, for the first time in a decade or so, we will be celebrating christmas with a child. It may seem like a cliché, but having a child in your life really makes one consider, what life really is all about, what time is and what money is…
It is important to make the right choices, especially when it comes to the time you spend on work, duties and loved ones. This is a classic dilemma everyone faces, and in economics this is represented by the trade-off theory: The trade-off between time (or leisure) and money and work.

Coming back to this months mixtape; it’s the eleventh and thereby second last we will bring you this year. It is not packed with christmas tracks, but you might as well use it for your christmas shopping, your christmas lunch or a walk in the park … Have a wonderful December and you might as well start looking forward to the last mixtape of this year: it will be mind-blowing!

  1. 00:00 – Spycc – Other Lover ft. HIGH HØØPS
  2. 02:39 – Tobtok – Free ft. Hoodlem
  3. 06:56 – Lovebirds – Give Me a Sign ft. Holly Backler (Main Mix)
  4. 10:54 – Dabeull – New Order ft. Holybrune (Original Mix)
  5. 14:18 – Les Sins – Why (Colour Vision DJ Edit)
  6. 18:28 – Route 94 – My Love ft. Jess Glynne (Oliver Nelson Remix)
  7. 22:06 – Tobtok – Savanna ft. River (Keljet Remix)
  8. 26:27 – Odesza – Say My Name ft. Zyra (Basic Tape Remix)
  9. 29:46 – Casino Gold – Shine (Original Mix)
  10. 34:07 – Becky Hill – Losing (Just Kiddin Remix)
  11. 39:08 – Casino Gold – Sunbeams (Original Mix)
  12. 44:29 – PatLok – Could Be Mine ft. Patrick Baker (Wantigga Remix)
  13. 48:57 – Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me (Eau Claire Remix)
  14. 53:55 – ZHU – Paradise Awaits (FKJ Remix)