What makes a hit these days? Back in the days, a hit was picked by a producer on the radio. The producer picked tracks for every single hour on the radio, and due to the fact that the number of radio stations was limited, the definition of a hit was less up for discussion. Back in the 60’s everybody knew about Elvis Presley and were humming ‘Return to Sender’, while walking the streets. In the 70’s ‘The Hustle’ was played in every disco and later on in the 80’s Prince took over with ‘When Doves and Cry’ (and many others). Then came the 90’s and the hit definition became more loose as Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’ competed with Dr. Dre’s ‘The next Episode’ and Shaggy singing about Carolina. The 00’s was a completely new decade dominated by so many other sources than radio.

Today, the situation is somewhat similar, but then still so different. Every radio station, or actually every program has it’s own producer picking tracks for his or her time to shine on the radio. The difference is though, that today the listener can choose between a wide number of radio stations and depending on mood, preferences, situation or lack of any of it, the listener can avoid any genre or input that does not match what he or she was searching for with just a single click.

Usually we spend hours and hours, picking tracks that are somewhat unknown to the public. Artists with hopes and dreams, that may never come true, but we think they have talent. This time we have stepped away from that thought. This time, we’re the producers picking tracks for your September-hits-soundtrack, because that is what we deliver this time around: HITS !!! Play it out loud, hum in the streets as if it was Elvis, remember to make faces in the streets as if you were imitating Prince and dance around like a funky Barbie/Ken. We believe that every single one of the tracks included in this months mix tapes have so much hit potential - they just need the right attention to make it to the top.

  1. 00:00 – Midnight Magic Night Flight (PillowTalk Remix)
  2. 05:22 – Mystery Skulls Paralyzed (Aeroplane Remix)
  3. 10:31 – Lemaitre Wait (Jerry Folk Remix)
  4. 14:33 – Frances Fire May Save You (Cesare Remix)
  5. 18:51 – Hatchets Paradroxx Music (Monogochips Remix)
  6. 25:40 – Frankmusik Go (Ride the Wnicerse Remix)
  7. 29:43 – Florrie Little White Lies (Moon Boots Remix)
  8. 34:07 – Secondcity What Can I Do ft. Ali Love
  9. 39:37 – Glodroom Till Sunrise (Templeton Remix)
  10. 45:05 – Arkon Fly Back Seat (TIEKS Remix)
  11. 50:19 – Basement Jaxx Never Say Never (Wayward Remix)
  12. 55:18 – Just Kiddin Thinking About It (Extended Mix)