We hope you are enjoying the summer, just as much as we are. As our previous mixtape revealed, we kicked this summer off by playing at the Apollo stage at this years Roskilde Festival - bringing our beats to the most awesome crowd. Thanks for this experience.
Enough about our summer; this months mixtape is made to celebrate summer. Let’s start the celebration by playing a little game. Take a look at the bottle, and tell us what you see… It’s an empty bottle you might say, but not quite. Take a look again – and this time, we want you to look closer. Now; tell us what you see… Condensation.

Why condensation? What is condensation really? A condensation reaction is a chemical reaction in which two molecules combine to form a larger molecule, with the loss of a small molecule. Neither of us study chemistry nor physics for that matter, but having read this, it came to our minds: That’s exactly what we do - every single day! We combine, we take out, we merge, we gather, we mix - or at least we try. As with any chemical reaction, there is a risk every time you go into the lab. A risk of failing due to temperature issues, timing issues or just a small thing as how the light is. The same thing applies to music and the making - and actually, often the risks are exactly the same as for a chemical reaction.

We like to take risks, and now it’s your turn. Go on – tear of the lid, let the condensation out in the summer nights as you enjoy this months work in the lab…

  1. 00:00 – Walter Sobcek Midnight Crush (feat. Mereki) (Mattanoll Remix)
  2. 03:29 – Kyogi Not Good Enough (Jean Tonique remix)
  3. 07:07 – Charli XCX Boom Clap (Aeroplane Remix)
  4. 11:55 – Karma Kid Bird of Prey
  5. 16:24 – FCL It's You (Mousse T.'s Discotronic Mix)
  6. 23:04 – Donna Washington Going for the Glow (Friend Within Re-vision)
  7. 28:32 – Funk Hunk You Know How To Love Me (Funk Hunk Edit)
  8. 32:23 – Nick Morris Funky In The Sky (Original Mix)
  9. 39:16 – Synapson feat. Victor Démé Djon Maya Mai (Oliver Koletzki Radio Rework)
  10. 42:04 – MermaidS Callisto (Original Mix)
  11. 46:28 – Waldemar Schwartz La Taza De Oro (Original Mix)
  12. 50:58 – Mayer Hawthorne The Stars Are Ours (Detroit Swindle's Big Dipper Mix)
  13. 59:34 – Jazzy Eyewear The Renaissance (Les Loups' 1979 Remix)