It is no secret that Borneland has moved into a new studio. With a new studio comes a new key; a key to a new room, a key to a new every day life and a new morning walk. One thing that will remain the same is our universe and the hours we spend in our studio. Our studio is a place where hours pass, days float together in one big ocean of weeks, months and years, where quantitative time becomes superfluous and only qualitative time matters. Our studio is a place where we decide on everything, and only we define our preferences and what we like. Behind the thick and sound-proof walls you will find a world of dreams and hopes.

This mixtape is the key to our universe. Welcome in!

  1. 00:00 – The Harpoons  Unforgettable (Original Mix)
  2. 03:22 – 6th Borough Project  In Your Arms (Original Mix)
  3. 07:46 – Pablo Sanchez  Discofix (Original Mix)
  4. 13:01 – Joeblack  Show Me Love ft. Robin S (Extended Instrumental Mix)
  5. 19:00 – Yamil Bandi  Beats Of Love (Original Mix)
  6. 24:05 – Phil Weeks  Live At Palladium (Original Mix)
  7. 30:56 – Jay Shepheard & Matthew Burton  Liberal Zee (Session Victim Remix)
  8. 36:00 – Nine Lives  Adagio (Original Mix)
  9. 41:09 – Tony Betties  So Cool (Holmes Price Remix)
  10. 46:55 – Sam Smith  Stay With Me (Wilfred Giroux Remix)
  11. 51:09 – Blonde  Foolish ft. Ryan Ashley (Dansson Remix)
  12. 57:04 – Alex Metric ft. Oliver  Galaxy (Original Mix)