In a previos mixtape we discussed different milestones in our lives and career. Nightclubs all over the world have defined a very important milestone in a young persons life: turning 21. Exactly at this day, you get access to a whole new world filled with joy, dancing and laughter… Not to mention the fact that your parents and surroundings suddenly expect you to behave like a mature and educated grown-up… At least you are allowed to drink alcohol - which we all know is the best excuse for not fulfilling these expectations and explain early wrinkles. But is a single number really that powerful? Should we accept this? 

We really do hope that this 21st mixtape proves that we have grown with the assignment and that we are ready to step into new fields. That we can somehow reach adulthood and get to play with “the big guns” … Well, we hope that you agree at least to some extent.

No matter what your dream is, what you want to achieve and what you want to be when you grow up, it’s a fact that no matter what you do you will rise to the occasion. So this mixtape number 21 is a proof that we do what we love the most, and therefore this remix is packed with love and all the rhythms that we cannot live without. Groovy bass and catching vocals. All for which it goes, that they have that little special, that you cannot tell, but just know what is.

  1. 00:00 – Glen Check I've Got This Feeling (Kartell Remix)
  2. 03:45 – Tropical Chaos Leaving Train ft. Loumar (Original Mix)
  3. 08:44 – Luvless Be Mine (Original Mix)
  4. 14:51 – NBMD Use The Stuff You Loose (Original Mix)
  5. 21:07 – Mauro B & Benet 53 Want You Smile 4 Me ft. Lena Grig (Armando Junior Remix)
  6. 26:50 – Neptune Safari Morning Sun (Funk Leblanc Remix) [feat. Clara La San]
  7. 31:14 – Kraak & Smaak HWGSTT (Monitor 66 Remix)
  8. 37:12 – Dan Croll From Nowhere (Mike Mago Remix)
  9. 42:36 – Disciples Catwalk (Plastic Plates Remix)
  10. 47:40 – Isis Salam Let Go feat. Kruse & Nuernberg (Mickey Remix)
  11. 53:10 – Milan Euringer, Tube Lovebreak (Wild Culture Remix)
  12. 56:34 – London Grammar Hey Now (Bonobo Remix)