Time is a funny thing; sometimes it passes by so slow, that every second feels like hours. At other times it passes by so fast, that one does not realize how many things have actually happened. Our release of "Bug a Boo (Borneland Remix)" has had massive media coverage; not only have MTV, BuzzFeed and Billboard mentioned us; in three days the remix reached number 1 on the list of Hype Machine's "Most Popular Remix", thereby getting credit and being acknowledged by bloggers worldwide. It is times like these one wish would last forever, but for some reason, these times are also the ones that you feel pass too quickly. Getting back to reality - the remix has brought us attention from the media, but other artists (well-known but unnamed for the timebeing) have also requested new remixes. Of course, these new remixes will be a part of our EP to be released in March 2014. All this attention can make it difficult to keep both feet on the ground - but we know that the only way to get better, is to work harder. "Bug a Boo" has taught us an important lesson; ALWAYS be true to yourself and your sound, no matter what you are dealing with. The organic bass used in the remix is a part of our sound - a part us, and it is definitely not the last time you have heard this from us.

The second mixtape of 2014 is related to a theme from a previous remix: Authenticity. It is recorded live during a venue at Copenhagen Fashion Week and as usual, it is one hour of pure pleasure, containing the best from our music collection. Can you tell which show.

  1. 00:00 – Sohight & Cheevy Night Ride
  2. 03:42 – Midnight Star Curious (JackLNDN Remix)
  3. 08:04 – The Aston Shuffle Tear it Down (SAFIA Remix)
  4. 12:10 – Mayer Hawthorne Reach Out Richard (Mitzi Remix)
  5. 16:12 – Yellus Move With You (Original Mix)
  6. 19:29 – Moullinex To Be Clear (RAC Mix)
  7. 23:16 – Alex Barck Like A Drug feat. Stee Downes (Original Mix)
  8. 29:09 – Pat Lok Same Hearts featuring Bear Mountain (Oxford Remix)
  9. 33:32 – Kartell Midnight Walk (Original Mix)
  10. 37:48 – Baptiste MCMXCI Phantasie
  11. 41:32 – Oded Nir, King Dread James Late Night Flight (Berny Remix)
  12. 48:23 – Mar Man x Woman
  13. 52:30 – Jesse, Ale Salas Cosmic (Original mix)
  14. 58:34 – Anoraak Behind Your Shades (Original Mix)