Our dear grandfather has had a huge impact on our lives, not only is he the founder of our sur- and stagename, he was also a great man who we really admired. One of the things that characterised him, was that he was very passionate about many different things. His biggest passion was bees - not really because of their sweet tooth, but more the nature of these insects. He was very interested in their mentality, how they worked and made a huge effort in his own garden to optimise the conditions for these little creatures. Somehow, it seems very symbolic, that the arrival of the American killer-bee to Europe also was the beginning of a horrible disease for our grandfather. The killer-bees threatened the existence of bees in Europe and at the end, only empty beehives was left in our grandfathers garden. At the time, when only empty beehives were left, our grandfather collected all the last pieces of this golden era in small glass jars. A milestone was set.. At the end of the year, the medias always look back at the past year and the highlights and so do we. In our luggage from the last five years as DJ's one will not only find 17 original (and worn-out) mixtapes but also memories of blood, swear and tears (of joy of course). Looking back, the journey and all the hours in the studio have had unpleasant consequences such as neglected friendships and lost relationships. Many milestones have been passed in the past year both personally and for our common activity Borneland.

This mixtape is the result of all our experiences and is the first of many milestones and will hopefully bring us further away from our worst nightmare of ending up in an empty beehive. Actually, this mixtape includes an official record with the remix of Di Martinelli's "You Could Be My Lover" featuring Sophie Galphin (known from ie. Figure of 8 and The Magician). The remix will be launched the 17th of January by the Belgian Clare Records, where we are signed and will release our own publication this spring. Coming to an end, we hope to give you the best start on the new year by this: sit back, relax and enjoy the mixtape.

  1. 00:00 – Air ZaïreSanibel feat. Patrick Baker
  2. 04:14 – DJ MishakovNu Life (Original Mix)
  3. 08:48 – The Close UpMorning (Original Mix)
  4. 13:48 – Di MartinelliYou Could Be My Lover (ft. Sophie Galpin) (Borneland Remix)
  5. 19:11 – James CurdThis Is My Body (Original Mix)
  6. 23:41 – Blood OrangeYou're Not Good Enough (Holy Ghost! bootleg)
  7. 28:58 – Haze-MMiss My Love (Original Mix)
  8. 34:53 – Lane 8How I Feel
  9. 40:30 – WaywardMarvin (VIP Remix)
  10. 45:30 – KartellTurn Over
  11. 49:24 – Nada FunkNew Day (Maurizio Patti Remix)
  12. 55:08 – Jarkko SGlamour Walk (Original Mix)