Spending every weekend in a nightclub is neither good for the body nor the soul - that's for sure. In addition to the physical damages and the lack of sleep this definitely cause, it can actually harm you to live half of your life in a room with loud noise (luckily, good atmosphere has the reverse effect ). Due to this, our worrying (and caring) family have brought us different things to protect ourselves from all these so-called dangers. We have received nearly everything, starting from lectures on the damages smoking causes, lectures on inappropriate behavior to gifts such as special made earplugs that are to minimize the harming tones. The latest gadget for our collection is a bite plate to protect teeth - for some reason, a bad habit of keeping the beat with the jaw have several bad side effects. Last, but not least, we have noticed that all nightclubs and venues with a big lineup often have limiters on their sound systems to protect the hardware. These limiters tend to suppress the tones and the music ends up in a non-convenient register. We are deeply grateful for all this helpfulness and charity, and would never want to be without it in our "self-destructing everyday-lives". However, we do sometimes question, whether the amount of protection can affect the authenticity.

To praise authenticity, we have, in the making of this mixtape, removed every single one of our mental safety lines. This mixtape differs from all of the others, not only in the contents, but also in the process. It is not recorded with time for endless listenings, finishing touches, adjustments of the sound level and the possibility of re-recording single sound shifts between the numbers - all our other mixtapes have been through this. This is a live-recording, just recorded before the deadline to stay within the concept of authenticity. (Note: Deadline for this mixtape was this thursday, as a well-know and respected radiostation has had exclusive preview of the mixtape, live on air!) Coming to an end - to keep the feeling of authenticity; take off the limiter and enjoy the mix, but do not push it to the edge, as protection against a selfdestructive lifestyle may be neccesary.

  1. 00:00 – SherparinesParalysed
  2. 03:30 – PerseusShadow of the Beast
  3. 08:01 – ChvrchesThe Mother We Share (Moonboots Remix)
  4. 12:14 – CherokeeDon't Matter ft. Darianna Everett (Original Mix)
  5. 16:56 – Flight FacilitiesClair de Lune ft. Christine Hoberg (Crazy P Remix)
  6. 23:21 – ClassixxSanta Domino (The Revenge Summer Dub Remix)
  7. 30:20 – ClubfeetCape Town (Panama Remix)
  8. 35:13 – Nhan SoloPerfect Plan
  9. 41:11 – Naughty BoyLa La La ft. Sam Smith (Oliver Nelson & Tobtok Remix)
  10. 46:04 – Tony CasanovaSome Things (Original Mix)
  11. 52:05 – ElekfantzDiggin' On You (Original Mix)
  12. 57:28 – Rory PhillipsRise Up (Original Mix)