Despite the unpleasant title of this mixtape, we do not intend to put you up with a story of fear and violence. Actually, this is another chapter from our childhood. For a moment, just escape the hectic everyday in Copenhagen, Denmarks capital. You have now arrived at the sea and the city we grew up in, namely, the old sailortown Helsingoer. In this framework of safety, it has happened more than once that our intern games and fights have caused broken limbs, bumps and scratches. Continously, testing our carring mothers nerves and abilities as a nurse. She has definitely done her job fixing and healing our wounds; just handling the enormous amount of energy that only boys have.  You would probably not notice, but one scratch has never fully healed and will forever stay in our minds. We had climbed the highest possible bush in the garden. While sitting on top of the world, or at least that was what it felt like, the wilderness of childhood showed it's evil face. Jonas fell, and on his way to the cold and hard ground, a branch was only centimeters from hitting his eye. The secret unwritten pact of brotherhood made sure, that neither our mother or the doctor at the hospital were told what had actually happened, but now you know...

Having revealed that this mixtapes' title is a bit misleading, and definitely does not refer to evil and darkness but only to pictures and patina from a safe childhood, we do hope that you will push play with a peacefull mind and enjoy the small pieces and memories from our childhood.

  1. 00:00 – DECIBELSRegulator/Moderator (Bufi remix)
  2. 05:05 – RooseveltMontreal
  3. 08:54 – PanamaAlways (Classixx Remix)
  4. 14:14 – WaywardLove Jones
  5. 18:39 – RhyeOpen (Jeff Samuels Faded Mix)
  6. 26:04 – BeerloverFeeling
  7. 29:35 – KeljetTogether ft. Avan Lava (Oliver Nelson Remix)
  8. 33:34 – Donald ByrdLove Has Come Around (Xinobi Rework)
  9. 38:10 – SuperhumanoidsBlack Widow (Southern Shores Remix)
  10. 41:18 – The MagicianWhen The Night Is Over (Claptone Remix)
  11. 48:18 – PasserineParis Morning (G.L.O.V.E.S Remix)
  12. 52:46 – Miami HorrorReal Slow (Plastic Plates Remix)
  13. 56:42 – KAASIWhere We Started ft. Jessica Sophie)