In this device one will find memories from a momentous era in our lives. An era that has a been affecting our everyday lives ever since. This device became our fellow companion during Copenhagen Fashion Week 2010, where both of us had used all of our charm and gentleman skills to get an important job. However, we had never tried this cd-player and did not know how to use it or how to combine a set.
An old friend from the provinces came to rescue us, and with a little help from our mom we transported it to our studio in our appartment. Here it was placed in the windowsill, front row, and countless hours were spent, practicing and exploring this wonderfull piece of heaven.
The turning point for us was when the complaints from our neighbors turned into positive comments. Finally, we felt ready for the job.
With hopefull hearts and fingers crossed, we turned up for the venue, carrying the cd-player in our arms. The music was playing, the guests were smiling and we had suddenly several job offers and requests on our availability. The first job was the coming weekend, and we have been playing ever since.

Now, lets leave the memory lane and focus on the fact that it is the first day of the month. Hopefully this means that you are loadet in all possible ways: Money on your bank account, A new page in the calendar with new challenges and last, but not least, one hour of music from us to you.

  1. 00:00 – ChelaRomanticise
  2. 03:16 – COMAMissing Piece (Rotkraft Mix)
  3. 08:45 – Maurice Aymard & Gui BorattoHome (Original Mix)
  4. 13:23 – Deepjack & Mr.NuRight Before My Eyes
  5. 17:06 – SurahnWonderful (Aeroplane Remix)
  6. 21:19– BondaxGiving it All (Extended Mix)
  7. 26:20 – PortlandDeezy Daisy (Oxford Remix)
  8. 28:45 – RooseveltElliot
  9. 32:47 – COMALes Dilettantes (Roosevelt Mix)
  10. 40:04 – Jason BurnsBack 2 You (Jason Burns Remix)
  11. 45:47 – Janet JacksonRock With You (Milo Mills Edition)
  12. 49:16 – Neptune SafariBlue Valley
  13. 52:36 – JBAGMogadisco (Fare Soldi Remix)
  14. 56:57 – Final Djs ft. Stee DownesOne Day In The Sun (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix)