The music is pumping, the dancefloor is packed. People all around you are dancing, while you are enjoying this momentarily escape from the everyday life. The music suddenly stops and this little piece of paradise falls apart. All eyes are on the dj - a desperate attempt to locate the sinner, who pulled the crowd out of the dream. This is a DJ's, or at least our worst nightmare. Luckily, we still yet haven't experienced this, with ourselves behind the supremacy. However, we always bring a safetykit when we strole into the night. A snapshot of this would include two identical USB sticks, loaded with music for endless nights, bunches of cd's and several headphone Jack adapters, though we only need one to keep the music playing. Back in the days, we brought extra cables, a flashlight and a screwdiver as well, just in case.

Well, enough about our safetykit and broken paradise. This mixtape brings you a little piece of our paradise. Not only the paradise from the dancefloor, but that little piece of heaven you want to share with lover or partner in crime. The piece that the customers in your shop will come back to experience. The paradise that could helps you through a tough day at the office. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

  1. 00:00 – HandbookClearer Definition
  2. 03:25 – Frankie Goes DeepLocked out of heaven (Frankie Goes Deep Jazz n Groove mix)
  3. 10:25 – Hayden JamesPermission To Love (Original Mix)
  4. 14:20 – Ben PearceWhat I Might Do (Kilter Remix)
  5. 19:10 – Cyril HahnPerfect Form (Kaytranada Edition)
  6. 23:34 – RÜFÜSDesert Night (James Curd Remix)
  7. 27:56 – Chris MalinchakIf U Got It
  8. 32:46 – Rogue VogueSay You Will (LeSale Remix)
  9. 39:14 – Grizzly BearGun Shy (Lindstrøm Remix)
  10. 45:44 – Louis La RocheKeep in Touch
  11. 48:56 – Hot NaturedIsis (feat. The Egyptian Lover)
  12. 54:12 – Enviado VidaIf I Could Live Again (Original Mix)