Time passes fast when you are having fun - no doubt about that. A lot of things have happened since our release of 'Bug A Boo (Borneland Remix)'; New studio, new projects, EP coming up and endless hours recording, mixing and hanging out ... and then suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of something. Psychologists and doctors would maybe characterise this as a product of imagination or dreams coming true. You might already guessed it just by the title of the mix, but in case you haven't: we found ourselves in the middle of something we had experienced before, also known as a deja vu. When we listened to this track, the temptation was just too big - it was irresistible.

A Deja Vu is the sensation that an event or experience has been experienced before, however, what characterises a deja vu is that you have not actually experienced it before - it just feels very familiar. This release is not something you have seen or heard before, but we hope you will enjoy our 'Deja Vu (Borneland Remix)', just as much as you enjoyed our first meeting with Mrs Knowles.

Déjà vu, (/ˌdeɪʒɑː ˈvuː/) from French, literally "already seen before", is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced or has been experienced in the past, whether it has actually happened or not.