This is a remix we could not resist to make. We were instantly in love, when we first heard the original, it had it all: catchy melody, sound of something real and a epitome feel of summer. And then it had something more: Ena's magical vocal. Actually, we have known Ena for countless years, she is a skilled copenhagen based dj, who we have been flirting with a long time. You may know her as well, from the track 'Feed the Horse' from Fagget Fairys. But now she is out with her first solo project.

The first single from Ena is called 'Deep Seas', and is originally produced by Pato and Lasse Lyngbo from White Pony. And with help from Martin Sandberg on bass and Chllngr on saxophone, the track was quickly one of the most played tracks on the danish national radio P3 with a recognition as "unavoidable of the week" – However, this had no importance for us, since we had already received the remix parts before that happened.