Neither of us have tattoos nor hair on the chest, though we have been told that these are essentials to survive in our business. Luckily we have great friends with both tattoos and hair on the chest to give us advise when things are tough. One of these advisers once told us, that the first release often ends up completely different from the original idea, due to the fact that one has so many expectations... All these imaginations. Combined with perfectionism, one ends up spending too much time on details and the original idea disappears - this is a shame! To avoid this (unnecessary) "first-time-nervousness", we chose to start out with something as silly (to us at least), but classic, as a different version of "Bug a Boo" by Destiny's Child. As a matter of fact, did you know that Beyoncé, LeToya, LaTavia and Kelly Rowland did exactly the same thing in the making of their single. Try listening to the original "Bug a Boo"- single and you will find clear references to Toto's classic from 1978 "Child's Anthem".

As mentioned in our promo-mail for the January-mixtape, our first official remix will be released the 17th of January 2014 in cooperation with Clare Records. The full record "You Could Be My Lover (Borneland remix)" by Di Martinelli ft. Sophie Galpin can be pre-ordered in iTunes or simply found in our January-mixtape. We hope you like the remix, and fingers crossed, the first step in our career will be almost as successful as the original.